Vocals - Mia Cambronero
Guitars - Mike Sager
Bass - Marshall Miller
Drums - Shawn Sukumar

Guitars - Eric Dillon

Constant Alarm is a 4-piece Washington, DC based alt-rock band comprised of Mia Cambronero, Marshall Miller, Mike Sager, and Shawn Sukumar. The band was originally founded by Sager and Eric Dillon (who is still part of the family but moved to Chicago). Guitarists Sager and Dillon started writing together in the spring of 2010 following Sager’s frequent collaboration with DC funk band Bonjour, Ganesh! On the recommendation of a friend they quickly added Costa Rican vocalist Cambronero, and rounded out the lineup in the summer with bassist Miller and drummer Sukumar. Three of the four members are professional lefty political hacks (one's a lawyer.) The band was formed so that the various members would have something other than politics to talk about at parties. They released their debut LP "Atlas" in July 2012 on Red Stapler Records, which was recorded at DC's Inner Ear Studios. Atlas was funded through a successful KickStarter campaign. They had previously released an EP "Code Orange Days". The band has played many venues around Washington DC including the Rock n' Roll Hotel and DC9, as well as in New York.


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